Day 23

Day 23: Referrals are worth 10 to 15 cold leads!

Giving and receiving referrals can help you grow your business and the quality of your personal life in an incredible way. Do you ask for and receive referrals consistently? Do you give referrals? Do you know how to ask for referrals properly? Are you comfortable asking for referrals? Look at all your customers from the past year and calculate how many were referrals, how much income you earned, and account for the general experience overall? Did you ask for the referrals? How did you receive the referrals? Did you believe the referees felt good about referring you? How did you thank them? Have they referred anyone since? How did you feel about someone trusting you with a referral?

Today’s Assignment:  Listen to the training on referrals and fill out the worksheet. Don’t overlook the power of mastering referrals. Take the actions outlined in the implementation portion of the training today.