Business Development

Learn how to run your business like other successful businesses by developing and implementing specific strategies to take your business to the next level.

Sales & Marketing

Learn proven tactics and strategies to develop more prospects and leads and learn how to convert those prospects and leads to paying customers and clients.

Personal Development

Everyone needs to develop themselves personally, both internally and externally. The level of your personal development affects every other area of your life.

Health & Wellness

Your health and well being affects your performance in every area. Focus on developing and living a healthy lifestyle and you will enjoy your life so much more.


Learn how to continuously be motivated so you will put the other techniques and strategies you learn into practice. Inspiration will help you unleash positive results.


Everyone is destined to lead others (family, small groups, large groups etc.). Learn how to lead others in a way that is exciting, fun and has others wanting to follow.


Master money or it can become your master. Learn financial strategies and techniques to use in your business and your personal finances. 

Classic Audios

These audios are now classics. The content and strategies are timeless. We hope you enjoy them and gain valuable insights from the material.

Friday MCP Webinars

If you missed one of the live Master Coaching Program webinars, don’t worry. We record and upload them to this page for at least one week.